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Are creatives the new athletes?

We have all seen the influencers getting paid $10k for a single post and up to $100,000 for a single video, which seems absurd until you realize Kobe Bryant was paid $18,954 per minute in 2016. His basketball career earned him $770 million dollars. The median salary of an American in 2018 was $61,372. That means the average American would have to work for 12,546 years to earn that much.

Musicians have always made a lot of money, and gained a lot of respect, but over the past few years we have seen so many alternative creatives inspire the same kind of celebrity fervor previously reserved for celebrities and sports stars.

A Sylvia Winestock wedding cake could run you over $50,000, and needs to be booked *well* in advance. Aragorn's sword Anduril, designed by Peter Lyon - a master swordsmith – which we saw in The Return Of The King, was valued for auction at between $100,000 and $150,000. Monet’s spectacles were sold at auction for over $50,000

But it isn’t just about money, many artists have loyal fans trawling the web for accounts stealing their idols work or credit, in order to bring the artists attention to it.

So, why do creatives inspire this kind of intense dedication?

For the same reasons that sports stars do. When two strangers love the same team, they automatically have something in common, something to talk about, to break the ice. Sure, they may disagree about which team member deserves what accolades, but that’s argument among equals. In the same way that shared ground connects you to a person on the street when you notice them wearing your favorite artists merchandise. The interaction might be a silent head nod or ‘cool shirt, that's my favorite podcast’, but it is a spark of connection that may never have happened otherwise.

This shared ground is proof that you’re not alone.

The difference between creatives and sports teams is that creatives aren’t naturally pitted against each other. While competitions do exist, it isn’t a vital and innate part of creativity to score the most points or win the most games. There isn’t a losing side, just more and more opportunities to discover art and artists you love. There will always be your favorite, but that will never stop you from appreciating others as well.

Creatives inspire happiness, in this technological modern world that is mostly achieved through connection. Not only does a follower see an artwork and experience all the emotions it inspires, but that interaction creates an invisible thread bringing artist and follower together and the same thread binds followers as a group.

So what do you think, are creatives the new athletes? Maybe they should be…