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Ecstase contest: win an original Duality statue!

On February 23rd we're launching our original sculpture Duality and we're celebrating with a contest! Join us and be the first owner of this limited edition sculpture created by Ecstase.

We invite you to create an artwork inspired by the theme Duality. Combine two worlds, present the contrast between two different concepts or highlight the antithesis of two aspects and share the results on Instagram with the hashtag #ecstase.

Who can join the contest? 

The contest is open for all. You can join the contest from all over the world!

How can I join?

Create an Ecstase artwork inspired by the theme Duality and share it on Instagram with the hashtag #ecstase

When is deadline?

You can submit the artwork by Sunday 21/2. The winner will be announced on Monday 22/2 via our Instagram page.