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Ecstase Art Contest: Win an Artwork!

Did you ever want to be an Ecstase artist?

Do you think you know the Ecstase style?

Have a bit more time on your hands than usual?

Well this is your chance!

To inspire creativity in these times of self-isolation we are launching a contest to make your own Ecstase artwork.

Inspired by Dorian Legret’s artwork Loneliness, we invite you to create an artwork that features the falling figure of the astronaut from Dorian’s artwork. Everything else depends on your creativity.

So grab your paintbrush, digital or real, and create!


1. Download the astronaut and the ecstase logo

2. Make an artwork, whether digital or traditional.

3. Share the final result on your instagram with #ecstase in the caption until 10th of April midnight CEST.

4. We will share the winner’s work on our instagram and as a prize they will get to choose the artwork they want from our current curation!

Requirements for the artwork:

  • The artwork has to be in the Ecstase style - look on our instagram and website for inspiration!
  • The artwork has to include the astronaut from Dorian Legret’s artwork in the middle, like in the original artwork Loneliness, and it can include the logo of Ecstase.