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Ecstase Music Playlist

Music is one of the most powerful mediums to inspire, evoke emotion, and connect humans together. 

This is true even across language barriers, a song with lyrics in a language you don’t speak can still make you feel the meaning of the song. 

Music with no lyrics at all can be some of the most emotionally charged and moving - think about how music is used in films to set the scene. The devil’s tritone - the combination of notes used in almost every horror movie score to let you know that something is about … to … happen. You’ve also heard it if you’ve listened to Enter Sandman by Metallica or Hendrix’s Purple Haze. This combination of sounds just triggers something in your mind. 


This ability to evoke emotions is why we use so much music in our stories and videos. We have noticed that a lot of you have been asking us ‘what song is this?’ on our stories and posts. Considering that so many people are spending a lot more time at home than usual, we decided to put together a playlist for you and release it now. 

All the music we love and use in one place. 

From electric beats and complex lyrics to evocative instrumentals, the thing that makes a song ‘ecstase’ is what it makes us - and you - feel. We seek out tracks that turn your mind inwards as well as up to the cosmos. To think about the vast universe, the millions of stars and all that potential. The equally complex system of synapses and electrical impulses in your mind and all the things that make you tick. 

The big things, existential questions and next level thinking. But the human things too, joy and loss.

Music, like art, is a reflection of life itself.