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Ecstase Originals

We love curating incredible artworks, collaborating with talented artists around the planet, and bringing our particular style to the world. We are always looking for perfect pieces to share, but occasionally we are looking for something it seems no one has created yet…

The time has come.

We have decided to start releasing a limited line of Ecstase Originals. Every time we release an Original artwork there will be a strictly limited print run. 

When we create artwork, we want to achieve or say something particular, and to double down on the Ecstase message we have decided to do something a little bit unique with the frame. Each piece in this special series of Originals is completed by our carefully crafted engraved frames.

Each artwork is printed in vivid archival ink on thick woven canvas, with a unique serial number to guarantee its authenticity. Constructed with a series of combined stickers and magnets, the unique frame comes together and doesn’t require drilling into the wall – unless you want to, of course!

Don’t worry, we will still be featuring and collaborating with amazing artists from around the world – but we will also be letting a little bit of our own creativity go free.