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Podcasts for Art Lovers

Creativity is a wonderful thing and we all have it in some way or another. These 9 podcasts are steeped in art and creativity of all kinds - whether it be modern art, art creation, music, or writing, there is something here for the lover of any creative outlet. 

There is a lot of information out there on the big wide web, and a massively underrated channel for it is podcasting. Podcasts are great, you can listen to them on the train, on your commute, out running, in the shower, or even just chilling out in a café passing the time before your friends arrive.

You may think that creativity, especially art, is better suited to a video platform. Well, check out some of these podcasts and see that proved wrong.


The Jealous Curator

Self-described as art for the ear, and helping you “turn jealousy into get-your-ass-back-in-the-studio inspiration”, The Jealous Curator talks to artists about their art, life, and humanizes the greats of art by reminding listeners that idols are actually just people at the end of the day.


Art Curious

With a tagline that hints at “unexpected, the slightly odd, and the strangely wonderful” Art Curious is an excellent choice for anyone with a deep-seated interest in art, or history, or art history.


Song Exploder

Listen to musicians deconstruct their songs, from inspiration to the recording process. With massive names in the industry Metallica, Death Cab for Cutie, Denzel Curry, and Fleetwood Mac as guests as well as up and coming artists there is an episode for everyone.


The Writer’s Routine

The writers routine podcast is exactly what it says on the tin – every episode interviews a writer and discusses their routine. Of course, it gets more in depth than just a timetable. Topics such as writing philosophy and personal anecdotes abound, but at the core this is an amazing podcast to get hints, tips, and inspiration for your own writing.


The Allusionist

“A podcast about language” and yet it is so much more. This podcast delves into why words are the way they are, it gives a history, tangible and visceral. It is also hilariously funny.


The Lonely Palette

Tamar Avishai is returning art history to the people, no more is the knowledge hidden away for academics. Each episode surrounds the host choosing a painting in an art gallery and randomly interviewing visitors who approach. They discuss subject matter and the social context surrounding the painter and their creation.


Art Detective

Art plays such a vital role, it reflects social and political culture at the time of the artist and turns it into something visual. Dr Ramirez discusses art history with expert guests to bring art of the past into the present day light.


The Modern Art Notes Podcast

A weekly interview with someone involved in the art world - artists, historians, authors, curators and conservators. It is, in itself, a chronicle of modern art, insight and discussion surrounding some of the most important modern artistic pieces in our lifetime.


Sound and Vision

An interview series with musicians and artists in their own studios, to discuss their careers and inspirations. With a wonderful selection of creatives on air, this podcast truly gives insight to artists both well known and emerging.