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Special Editions – why we bring some artworks back!

We often get asked – “if your artworks are limited edition – how come this is on here again?”

Well the answer is simple; all our artworks are limited print editions however we do sometimes bring selected artworks back in special editions.



We have five special editions – Painted, Diamond Dust, Knitwork, and Painted Knitwork. When an artwork is particularly well suited to a special edition, we will bring it back for a limited time. We are so fortunate, and so proud, to work with many incredibly talented artists and we want to feature as many well-suited artworks as we can!

What’s a Painted special edition?

When we decide to bring back an artwork as a special painted edition, it goes through an extensive process. After being printed on thick woven canvas with our archival inks, the new edition goes to our art team. We have carefully assembled artists who we trust to enhance, not overpower, and retouch with care. They use real tools, real paint brushes and palette knives with real paint to carefully choose the areas of the print to add touches of paint to.

What is a Diamond Dust special edition?

Similar to our painted editions, diamond dust artworks are those which we think would absolutely shine with a tiny bit of added sparkle. We take glitter particles and add them to small – or large – sections of the artworks where they highlight the artists incredible work.

What is a Knitwork edition?

With our newly introduced Knitwork selection you will be able to see selections from our range in a new high-end way. With knitted stretch canvas the artwork runs all the way to the edge and is mounted 3cm from the wall on a black anodized matte frame. 

What is a Painted Knitwork?

A Painted Knitwork is a special run of artworks which we believe would work well in a specially enhanced format. We print the work in the same way as a regular Knitwork, on stretch knit canvas to be mounted on an anodised frame, with the special addition of personal touches from our art team. Like the Painted special editions, our Painted Knitworks are each unique, as they have been enhanced by hand and with real paint.