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Why buying limited edition artwork is the way to go.

Why buying limited edition artwork is the way to go.

In this modern world of the internet, Instagram, and mass production it is easy to get caught up in a whirlwind of art. Everywhere you turn someone is making something, selling something, buying something, and somehow everyone seems to have the same new thing all at once.

When you buy a limited-edition artwork from Ecstase, it comes with a serial number which guarantees its originality and authenticity.

Real Collaboration with Real Artists

There is nothing inherently wrong with buying something mass produced. The problem arises when you go out of your way to find something you think is unique, special, and you find out that it has been bought wholesale, marked up 300% and resold to you with a fictional backstory.

When you buy something, you want to be able to trust where it came from. Not just because of the ethical issues behind anonymous mass production, but because dishonesty can ruin an emotional connection to a piece.

When you buy an artwork from Ecstase you know exactly who the artist is, that you’re getting the quality you pay for, and that the customer support will never mysteriously disappear if you need something from us.

Supporting Artists

We love our artists, they’re the heart of the art after all! A major benefit of our limited-edition artworks is that they are produced in collaboration with the actual artist who created it.

When something is mass produced, it loses some of its inherent monetary value – just like how buying in bulk is cheaper than buying one at a time. This means many artists are reduced to accepting prices for their art which are incredibly low, and many end up relinquishing credit rights to their own creation! We believe that artists deserve both decent payment and absolute recognition for their hard work and creativity.

When you buy a limited edition with Ecstase, the artist who created the original is credited at every turn – we want our fans to be their fans too!

Why limited-edition artworks?

As you have already been able to tell, we're all about it. Many have asked us why we do this. Indeed, it would be simpler to sell indefinitely. However, each product release is like a finely orchestrated dance, and the more releases we get to do in a year, the more we get to dance. We're very lucky, we get to work on our favourite thing almost all day.

There is just something really beautiful about the perishability of it. Spending weeks preparing a product release, seeing it sell out, and start all over again.

And you will own a work of which only a few have ever been made, we love that. Knowing you own something that is mass produced can influence the way you experience it, so we found a middle ground.

Being the only one to own a specific piece of art can feel lonely, but sharing that feeling with a small group of like-minded individuals is something magical.