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Introducing Ecstase.

Ek-stays (ɛ-k-st-eɪ-z)

What is Ecstase?

Ecstase is our new name, we believe that it captures that feeling you get when you encounter art that is truly mesmerizing.

The feeling when you walk into a room and a flash of color, or a glimpse of an attractive curve, catches your eye.

Those moments when you absolutely must stop and stare.

These ecstatic moments in life are memorable. Because the ‘something’ that stopped you in your tracks, creates a deep and visceral emotion – otherwise why would you stop?

That feeling, is Ecstase.

Humans are driven by emotion. When someone asks you what you like about an artwork, it is easy to say ‘the colors are beautiful’, or ‘it’s an amazing subject’. The truth is far harder to logically explain – we like artworks because they make us feel something.

The word ecstasy comes from the greek verb existanai, which was a part for an idiom meaning "to drive someone out of their mind." Art might not drive you out of your mind, but it touches the mind in ways that we often can’t quite explain.

Artworks create invisible lines of connection spanning the whole world. From you experiencing the piece for the first time, to the artist, to the subject, and to the hundreds of other people who have seen and fallen in love with that very same piece.

In a single moment you feel connected, at peace, and lost in your own world at the same time.

That’s Ecstase.

What is happening to Walltones?

Nothing. We will still be collaborating with our amazing artists to bring limited edition artworks to you every week. Walltones will still exist in the same format that you love.

So, why the change to Ecstase?

Because we have so many more things to bring to you! We can’t tell you everything…but we can tell you that there are new products and art forms in the deck just waiting to be dealt. Oh, and a fully redesigned website. Because what fun is change if you don’t redecorate?

When will all this happen?

We have officially moved to Ecstase as of August 2019 and we will keep you updated with all the exiting things we have planned as we release them!

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