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Thrift Shop

Why are we posting artworks again?

Because every artwork deserves some time in the spotlight! 

When we work with an artist to commission or license an artwork, we agree with them on a limited edition run - this means that we only make a certain number of prints. We keep only a small number of artworks on the site at any one time so that all of them get seen, so when one artwork has been online for a while we move them off site so that up and coming artworks can have their moment in the sun. 

When these artworks were originally in stock, they left the site with some prints in the original run still available.  We have decided that it is time for these remaining pieces to find their home with you! 

They are still limited editions, from the exact same run as before! We will only be selling the remaining number, so if there were only 2 remaining - only 2 will be available. 

In order to keep the Thrift Shop fresh, we will be putting up different artworks every 24 hours so that more of these remaining pieces get seen by more people! And of course since they are being released the second time, they will be heavily discounted, so keep your eyes open.