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Where does inspiration come from?

Where does inspiration come from?

Artists and their inspiration have always been a source of interest, intrigue, and confusion. Artists themselves have been featured in films and books tirelessly searching for their inspiration – usually only to find it in a completely unexpected place.

That is the fleeting nature of inspiration. It’s a of a 'feeling' than a 'thing' on its own. Inspiration can come from anywhere, everywhere, and therefore can be seemingly impossible to find.

So, if inspiration is so fleeting and hard to find - how does anyone do it?? Well, you’ve experienced it before - maybe you just didn’t realize at the time. 

Maybe you’ve been sitting outside on a particular day, and a particular type of person walked past, wearing a particular item of clothing. You smile and wonder where they’ve been while wearing that outfit.

That is inspiration.

Or you’ve been holed up in a warm café on a cold day, and the colored glass casts a rosy hue over your coffee and you think that the whole thing could be a painting, or a photograph.

That is inspiration.

Inspiration itself doesn’t live solely in the realm of artistic creativity. Everyone has been inspired at one point or another. Perhaps you’ve experienced staring into the fridge, hungry and tired, and those little sparks start to fly as a plan comes to mind. That’s inspiration too.

It’s that feeling, the little jolt in your mind - or in the pit of your stomach. That first moment of excitement upon waking up far too early on Christmas morning, knowing that the tree is surrounded by presents and dreaming about what they could possibly contain. When you pile into the car leaving for a trip and knowing that you’re going to see things that are somehow wonderful and different from their counterpart in your hometown. Or that genuine awe when you visit your first museum and see these remarkable things, machines, artifacts that you have no understanding or comprehension of – you just know they’re incredible.

You don’t have to understand what inspiration is, or what has inspired you, just learn to recognize it in yourself.

Inspiration may be triggered by an interesting coat, a beautiful swirling of color, or a combination of flavors – but it comes from you. Inspiration is those triggers meeting that feeling of potential, imagination, and excitement about what could happen.

Inspiration really is fleeting, it can slip away just as quickly as it arrives. So the next time you feel that swelling of excitement - latch on to it!

Whether the result is a piece of art, an imagining of a fictional world, or an amazingly satisfying meal – just let yourself be inspired.