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Daniel Ignacio

"I don’t create art. I create a mood."

Past. Present. Future.

Better known under the alias DKAISM, Daniel is a Filipino artist who grew up in Canada and started his art journey in 2014 by watching youtube tutorials by concept artists such as Feng Zhu, Tyler Edlin and more. He launched his online portfolio in 2017, and has since made a profound impact on the Toronto art community. Many tend to compare his style with the cyberpunk sub-genre, and it's true that his typical cityscapes remind us of a scene from the original “Blade Runner”. But they do nevertheless open up to a more sensitive and poetic approach to the city. The sci-fi elements comes and go with Daniel, but no matter what he depicts, he seems to have a natural gift for combining the past, present and future in a mesmerizing way.

But beyond all that, the existence of art itself inspires me.

Daniel Ignacio

Inspired in myriad ways.

“My favourite places in the world are public markets, festivals, busy streets, any museum or art gallery, art stores, music stores, book stores, and libraries. These are places where I feel inspired and alive the most. But beyond all that, the existence of art itself inspires me—visual, music, poetry, film, performance, and so on. I get inspiration from my art circle who work as hard and passionate as I do to express themselves and communicate to the world what is in their hearts.”

Whether or not pursuing a career in art could be worth it.

“I’m particularly proud of the piece 'Fragrance of Hope' that I created in December 2017. I was sitting in my office wondering how the following year 2018 would turn out, whether or not pursuing a career in art could be worth it. Frustration and anxiety were eating my spirit. Through those uncertainties however, I remained hopeful. At the time, this is the artwork that represents my hope in those moments. After releasing it, I received great feedback. People told me how they felt – there was warmth in the image despite the wintery environment. I felt proud of myself not only for the success of this artwork, but also, more importantly, I felt proud of myself for giving art a chance, and I am so glad I did.”