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Dorian Legret

Colorful and surreal dreams

Few disciplines have been as metamorphosed by digital tools as design and visual art.

And who else could better represent this transformation than the digital artist Dorian Legret? His passion for art started a long time ago, but his own artistic journey began quite recently, in 2014. Since then he's taken Instagram and other digital art platforms by storm with his surreal combinations of classical figures and psychedelic colors. His method sounds simple: “I simply start with an image I like and change everything in it until I'm satisfied by the result.” But the connoisseur will probably see that it takes a lot of work and refined technique to achieve those fireworks of colors and impressions.

Inspired by the consciousness and the mind.

Dorian is as French as you can be, meaning that discretion is not his cup of tea, at least when it comes to his art. Most of his artworks scream to the viewer, but only to contrast with the more subtle ones, that seem to whisper something enigmatic to the viewer. Dorian is indeed inspired by everything related to the consciousness and the mind. In his own words, describing his creative process: “My work 'Era' was created after a very strange lucid dream in which I faced my own face, completely black, in a very dark room, and which was trying to communicate with me in an incomprehensible language. A dream far enough now but very present in my memory.”

His imaginary, dreamy, colorful and all but boring landscapes or portraits all bear one thing in common, their very strong visual impact. Through the use of various techniques, Dorian combines a unique sense for color contrasts with an ability to express feelings and emotions through object superpositions and juxtapositions. And he has definitely found his unique style, somewhere in between Glitchart and Vaporwave. Most importantly, what seems to define his essence as an artist is to not follow any rules. Quitting school at 15, never set foot in an art school – and saying things like “I always decide to do things out of envy rather than obligation” – makes Dorian Legret the perfect example of a genuinely free spirit. And we can't wait to see more creations from that spirit. 

I always decide to do things out of envy rather than obligation.

Dorian Legret