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Eve Lloyd Knight

Illustrator & Artist

Margate, England

Were you seen? Were you heard? Was your work even taken seriously?

Those are some of the questions you have to ask yourself as female artist, even today. Fortunately, Eve Lloyd Knight didn't dwell too long answering them. She started drawing as a child at school, and unlike most of us, pursued her passion to make her dream come true: to change the world with a pencil stroke at a time. The result is stunning. Few artists can boast with such a distinctive style. Whether it's a poster, an ad or an artwork, the colors, the lines and the feeling all have a characteristic Eve-touch, somewhat reminiscent of Frida Kahlo in its color palette and simplicity. But that's just the beginning of what defines her work.

When Art Meets Politics

This UK-based artist seems to have a simple motto, no war is too big to take on. And she has both the talent and courage to do so. Whether it's for articles in the New York Times, Greenpeace campaigns or book illustrations about LGBTQ+ rights movement or women's right to vote, she has a unique skill to capture and synthesize complex issues in simple traits. And the message conveyed by her illustrations is unmistakable: we live in a world of absurdities where life, in all its form, should be respected more. There's a genuine innocence in her work, even in the darkest corners. A sort of unshakeable belief that we can all achieve greatness – we just need a little push in the back, or perhaps a sharp illustration.

Artist, Rebel, Animal Lover

In her own words, “I happen to fall into the feminist illustrator scene but fingers crossed it's not just a trend… I have lots of confusing feelings as a women and working hard at being a female artist in this industry. Sometimes I’m blind with rage, other times I’m ecstatic about the future for women and girls. I created this piece to celebrate female artists and what it feels like to be one.” Apart from empowering women, Eve Lloyd Knight also have a true passion for animals and nature in general. If not in her studio, you'll probably find her walking along the shores of Margate with her beloved dog Sid or on the road, most lately on an inspirational trip to Marrakesh. One thing is certain, Eve never sits still. She’s now working on a new Zodiac project where each sign will get depicted in her own very specific way, which combines her fascination with women, nature, spirituality and the elements. And we can’t wait to see the results.