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    • Which countries do you ship to?
      • We ship worldwide. Some countries might experience issues due to strict customs regulations, but in general this is not an issue. If you are worried that your country might not accept our products because of regulation or customs policies, please send us an email  explaining the situation and we will try to find out for you.
    • What's the delivery time for my order?
      • After placing your order, the whole process of preparing, packing and shipping to your doorstep can take between 1 and 3 weeks depending on your location. Common shipping destinations like the United States or western Europe usually take 1-2 weeks. More uncommon destinations often 2-3 weeks.
    • Where is my order?
      • Your order can be tracked using the tracking code found in your shipping confirmation email. If you have not received the email 48 after placing the order, please contact us and we will help you out.
      • How do you ship your packages?
        • We ship most of our products directly from our production facility in China. The products are shipped to a local courier by air freight, and from then on you can track your order with the local courier right to your doorstep.
      • My order arrived damaged, what can I do?
        • We are sorry to hear that. If your order arrived damaged, please send us some clear photos of the damage, and we will offer a way to replace the broken part or refund your order. This is not usual practice, but together we can find the best solution for your specific case.