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Frank Moth

"Every artwork that has touched someone makes us breathe in a world that is full of insecurity, estrangement and isolation."

Frank Moth

Who Frank Moth actually is, is a bit more complicated than usual.

Frank Moth isn’t actually one person, Frank Moth is two people. Created to give artistic freedom to two Greek artists based in Thessaloniki, with one half of Frank Moth having studied medicine and the other half Media and Communication – though they are both self-taught as artists. With well over 15 years of combined artistic practice, both were creative people from a young age.

“Our favorite places are all the rooms we lived in the past, where in them we dreamt about the future.”

Frank Moth

We were both creative people from our young age.

It was a path that was followed after many wrong decisions and turns of our lives. Everything else we did, in any way we did it, they all led in one way or another back to being creative with many different ways, like writing or drawing. In the process, both artists took their own paths but always returned to something creative whether drawing or writing, or as Frank Moth, digital collage. With trends like pop surrealism, modern botanicals, and retrofuturism Frank Moth blazes their own style within these trends and continually provides fresh and confronting images while remaining ultimately aesthetic.

“Digital tools helped this evolution towards artistic creativity… this expression took form and essence into the digital collage and what Frank Moth is today.”

Frank Moth

The inspiration for Frank Moth pieces comes from both the atmosphere of the past decades.

As well as today's pop culture, mixed with the artists life experiences. This inspiration stems into the creative process, spending hours poring over raw materials – old photographs, scanned magazines and newspaper clippings – and even more hours clipping and cutting. Staying true to their personal aesthetic and a chosen color palette, the next step involved extensive experimentation over which elements work with the overall design.

“It is important to share this to show what a change the digital world can make. You can reach so many people with a click of your mouse.”

Frank Moth

The artworks we have from Frank Moth today are all thanks to a spontaneous decision to share their first creation.

We are all thankful they made this decision which defined their professional course – and brought us some of our favorite artworks. Constantly looking to deepen their knowledge and experience with the collage technique and finding their next step while maintaining their classic concept.