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Justin vanGenderen

Graphic Design inspired by science

Chicago, USA

We're incredibly proud to announce our collaboration with Justin vanGenderen, Justin’s work was first pointed out to us by one of his followers, which shows how incredibly engaged his still relatively small audience really is.

The young Chicago native continues to surprise us with his breatktaking art. There just is something about Justin’s work that really speaks to a deep, untapped part of the soul. He describes his art as being ‘fueled’ by nostalgia, and that somehow really manages to come across. When you see it, you will get this. Being able to communicate these kinds of feelings without having to articulate them is what art is about, and it’s a rarity that you should look for when purchasing a piece of your own.

Inspired by Retro, Space, and Sustainability

From looking at Justin’s work, you can just tell that he has a strong passion for the primary themes in his art. When I asked him if we could license his ‘renewable energy’ artworks, he responded: “the more people that can see those the better!” And that really showed us how genuinely passionate he was for these incredibly important topics.

“My work continues to move through outer space, the quantum realm and into new and interesting scientific theories about the world we live in. The future seems full of new discoveries and I look forward to learning about them by exploring them through my work.”

Justin vanGenderen