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Karen Lynch

Karen Lynch is an artist from Adelaide, South Australia, who has multiple higher education qualifications - in Literature and Drama, and Horticulture - but has taught herself art and design.

Since 2014 Karen Lynch has been exploring her art form.

After starting to collect vintage sewing pattern catalogues and vintage magazines to recycle them into features in journals and cards. Eventually these pieces made their way onto larger canvases – including the digital space.

Lynch is especially proud of the body of work she has created, both the feature pieces as well as the album art which has been created for musicians over the years.

I'm fortunate to live by the beach which has a spectacular sunset and is a constant source for photo opportunities and colour palette inspiration.

Karen Lynch

A lot of her creative inspiration comes from the sources themselves as she is a material driven artist. Vintage photography and retro films in the French New Wave and German Expressionism genres play a role her inspiration, as does mid century architecture and vintage advertising.

The most crucial part of Lynch’s process is the collection of material. It usually starts with one key image, which may be a person, building, or a colour palette and everything gets built around that.

I’m not precious about whether something is analogue or digital – it’s all art.

Karen Lynch

Sourcing the material can often be the most time consuming. Then it’s a matter of trial and error, mixing and matching elements, trying different combinations to see what fits or provides a contrast. It might be something organic with something man-made that when juxtaposed creates an interesting design. A collage might be 100% paper, cut with scissors and glued, or it could be partially paper and then matched with digital imagery, or it could be 100% digital.

Lynch is currently working on some interesting commissions such as album cover art and a possible film project, plus her own personal body of work which seems to be gravitating towards pastels and florals.