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Mischelle Moy

Mischelle Moy is a Brooklyn based artist who has been practicing art for her whole life.

Moy’s artistic education started young, with her mother enrolling them into a drawing class very early on. This continued and Moy ended up studying fine arts in high school, and has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photo & Video from the School of Visual Arts.

Mischelle is inspired by many things...

She finds the minds and lives of other artists to be a great inspiration whether they are visual artists or writers. Seeing what people are able to achieve or do in their lifetime or day-to-day is very inspiring, Moy states that the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Massachusetts is one of her favorite physical places in the world, because patrons can see what Isabella Stewart Gardner left behind, her legacy or artwork collection, and admire her thinking in how she decided to curate her home.

Every year Moy travels, and it is from these travels that many of her pieces are born. Scrolling through the photographs from these trips, settling on one, editing and re-editing until the artwork reveals itself.

It's like discovering buried treasure and polishing it whenever I edit something and share it.

Mischelle Moy

Interested in AR art and 3D rendering, Moy describes digital art as not so different from traditional methods of creation and uses the digital medium to evoke the feeling of the moment.

"Stillness" was taken at holiday accomodation in Montreal.

This entire road trip was memorable because Moy and her friends encountered so much bad luck over those 72 hours - making it a  wildly unforgettable journey. From losing a rental bike, to breaking a glass bottle of sauce in a backpack, to misplacing a credit card - there was always something to be stressed about. Yet the viewer couldn’t imagine all that stress from this photo - “but that is what the image reminds me of and I laugh”.

I simply use Photoshop as a method of making my visions come to life, not so different from mixing paints and applying layers on a canvas.

Mischelle Moy