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Digital Landscape Collages


Harmony of contrasts

The simpler ideas are often the best ones. A living proof of this axiom is the success of the digital collage artist Emma Rodriguez, aka Mooncrab. Collage is generally based on the association or juxtaposition of unrelated elements to create a sort of dissonance or unexpected effect. Mooncrab is actually using it for the opposite purpose: to create harmony. Many of her creations can be seen as some sort of meditative tools, encapsulating the audience in a world where each detail brings tranquility and pleasure to both the eye and the soul.

One foot in art, another one in therapy

Emma is a Bristol-based artist with one foot in art and another one in therapy. "I'm inspired by my own ups and downs, because that's when I want to escape the most, that's when I want to create something that helps me get away. But I'm also inspired by things I see and dream of and surround myself by. It's a massive achievement for myself to know that my work helps and inspires other people, I have had people message me saying that my work has helped them get through tough times and has healed them in a certain way, and that to me is more important than anything and the reason why I create my work." This is perhaps the key to her growing popularity, the magic ability to transpose her emotions on a picture. Many of her followers are showing a sincere gratitude towards Emma's skills to catch specific state of minds or moods. And what else can you ask from an artist than being able to communicate and share their deepest emotional states?

From Bristol to another world

Emma's work is predominantly revolving around surreal landscapes with recurrent natural elements assembled in such a way that they feel both alien and familiar. "Now that I have the freedom to make what I like, I've carried on where I left off with my collage work. I make it as a means of escape where I create worlds and a universe that help take people to another place." In other words, Emma is just fulfilling a universal need, the need to be able to transport oneself from time to time to a place where things are a little bit different, a little bit more harmonious, and a little bit simpler.