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Francis Minoza is one half of the team that makes up the design team known to fans as Nicebleed.

They originate in Cebu, Philippines, but are currently based in Massachusetts USA and have been practicing art for over 12 years. What started as a hobby has allowed them to become freelancers since 2012.

I think just the process of creating art itself is also an inspiration to me.


Artists often find it hard to pick a favourite artwork from their collections.

Francis managed to narrow it down to two – Space Surfing or Moon Play. Their family has only recently migrated to the United States, and this major life change has inspired Francis to appreciate all the great things in this life.

Sometimes I imagine myself being in the world I create. Maybe I'm the main character drifting in the middle of space.


Currently Francis is working on surreal photo edits and space digital painting.

Learning about art and studying some drawing basics keeps him going. To start, Francis will sketch a thumbnail of an idea or write about it on their phone, only developing the ones they like. While a tablet is great for sketching, they will move to their PC for editing.