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Rannvá Joensen

Photographer, lover of the outdoors

Faroe Islands, Kingdom of Denmark

I was first introduced to Rannvá a couple months ago through her imposing landscape photography work but soon learned that there was more to her story than met the eye. Most people dream of doing something that their heart truly desires but not all will act on it. For that, Rannva's story is an incredibly inspiring one, and she’s an example to us all. Born and raised in the Faroe Islands but moving away to the big city at a young age, Rannva quickly got into filmmaking and acting. However, she always felt like something was missing in her life. Her story is best told in her own words:

“One day it hit me! I remember it so well, I had just arrived at Copenhagen Airport, and as I entered the metro, I thought to myself. This is NOT what I want! I don’t want to be standing in a packed metro, I don’t want to be living in some small apartment anymore feeling like a chicken in a cage, I don’t want to constantly be looking at my clock and be running for every second, I don’t wanna wake up to see a grey concrete wall first thing in the morning. I realized at that moment I wanted the feeling of an open space, a place where nature sets the pace, a place where I wake up seeing the ocean and nature first thing in the morning, a place I can be totally alone if I want to. For me, that meant true freedom. It was the Faroese nature that was drawing me back. Born, raised, and surrounded by it, it was my playground, a place where I would explore and express myself, a place that felt safe and where I could find comfort. I had lost my entire identity by being in a city and needed to go back to find myself again."

"Photography has played a major role in expressing myself here, and as a landscape photographer, I think winter has the most stunning seasonal color pallet. It’s an exciting time to go out and capture landscapes that were once so familiar and see them in entirely different perspectives. Especially the storms, when everything turns from being calm to chaotic when the earth seems widely alive and we lose all control. That’s when I feel most alive. I’ll be fully present and my mind will only focus on that and nothing else. I can feel all my senses getting stronger, the adrenaline rushing through my body, my heart will beat faster and I’ll get all excited. For me, it’s a reminder of nature being the supreme ruler and that it’s okay for us to not be in control of everything in life and just live in the moment. Also, there isn’t a better season to cuddle up in a warm blanket with a nice warm cup of hot chocolate."

"I love to show travelers what the Faroe Islands is all about, what makes this place so unique compared to others both through my photography, and my guided tours. Right now I am getting my new tour operation company up and running smoothly and then I have a big wish to get into filmmaking again."

Rannvá Joensen