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Refund Policy

What is the policy if the product arrives damaged at my place?

Take pictures of the damaged part(s) and send them to You will receive a full refund or we will send you a new product in case your product is damaged. Resends go out the next day and you will be provided with new shipping information immediately to the same email address.


What if I want to send my product back, but it is not damaged?

That is possible, you can contact to receive instructions on how to do it.


What is the next step in the return process?

You can send us an email to requesting your refund. You will receive instructions on how to refund your purchase.


How long does it take for me to receive my fee or new product?

We aim to send a replacement product within 24 hours after the return has been approved, the same goes for refunds.


How many days do I have to return something?

You have 10 days to return your product.


Who will pay for the return of the product?

Returns are free.


Return address:

If you wish to return your product, please email us to