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Exploring alien landscapes

Puerto Rico

Life is a journey without boundaries

What's art? If you ask the digital artist Seamless, it's a humble attempt to explore the world and the self, or to be more precise, a sort of diary where both your dreams and fears can materialize. This Puerto Rican artist has been very prolific since 2012 and seems to have a single rule: life is a journey without boundaries. His sometimes dreamy, sometimes creepy, creations are the fruits of an inexhaustible imagination and multifaceted talent. What they all have in common is that they are all so relatable, even though most of them depict another planet, another world or another time. The settings in Seamless artworks might be surreal or alien, but the conveyed feelings are very familiar and real.

“To be honest, this will be kinda weird”

Another stunning characteristic of his work is a unique flair for the unusual. As a warning to his growing audience on Instagram; he introduces his page with the words “To be honest, this will be kinda weird.” In other words he’s setting the tone for what to expect: the discovery a world where shapes, colors, landscapes and figures are all assembled in a strange, mysterious and sometimes absurd manner, but that is the fruit of a touching honesty.

"We, as human beings, perceive and construct the world in our minds"

Talking about his creative process, Seamless appears to be as concerned by the process as by the results: “Some of them are so personal it’s embarrassing to talk about them, while others are really superficial. But I’m not a dictator artist. I see sometimes artists with these proposals that are like mandatory statements that you need to understand. I just don’t get it… I’m always working with the notion that we, as human beings, perceive and construct the world in our minds, even when we go to the same event. Every person can develop a unique perspective.”

Never cease to explore

And a unique perspective is exactly what you would call Seamless’ work. Besides mastering the art of combining unexpected elements to create absurd, poetic or dramatic scenes, Seamless is also very keen to share his conviction that the mind is an uncharted land that we, pretty much in the same way as his favorite leitmotiv, the astronaut, should never cease to explore. Whether it’s the natural world out there or whatever is running through our neurons, we’re free to interpret them and build our own world with them. It’s up to us to let get go of the fears, broaden our horizons and start exploring more. When it comes to Seamless, there’s nothing that seems to stop him from doing that and spreading his own very special interpretation of the worlds we live, or could live, in. It’s a great pleasure to share Seamless’ fascinating worlds and hope you’ll be as thrilled as us to have such a great explorer on your walls.