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Jorge Luis Miraldo

Jorge Luis Miraldo (a.k.a. Shorsh) is living and working in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

He studied Advertising and Marketing, quickly starting working in the advertising industry after graduating. Over the years Shorsh has been a part of several local advertising agencies where he worked on and perfected his use of digital tools to create advertising artworks.

In addition, Shorsh studied art direction and photography, and although his work at the agency was mostly digital he always felt a real connection with traditional media - pencils, watercolor, oil, and acrylics. As a child, drawing, painting and experimenting with images was, for Shorsh, like playing with any other toy - he has been creating art for as long as he can remember.

All of his skills in 3D have been self taught, relying on the Internet and the plethora of good content available in both free and paid courses.

Four years ago Shorsh started getting into 3D, combining it with his previous knowledge and experience of photo manipulation and photography.

I particularly love to blend digital media, textures and other resources made using traditional media, I love what happens when I combine both worlds.


Early in life Shorsh studied illustration and later on, photography. Wanting to make a living with his skills, Shorsh pursued working as a creative in advertising. Though as an art director he got to know various illustrators and was attracted by their work, this triggered a strong desire to also find his own voice as an Illustrator.

I always loved to draw and paint... It’s an essential part of me.


Working at the advertising agency wasn’t quite as interesting and profound as Shorsh thought it would be in the beginning, so after several years he gained the courage to quit and start freelancing as an Illustrator.

Soon, he began sharing his visual experiments on Instagram (@Shorsh), and it soon opened up the possibility to work in many collaborations, album covers, and projects for the music industry.

Perhaps the picture he is most proud of is Glitch Beach, because it happened so suddenly.

I was at the park and took a very nice picture of a row of palms, then I had the idea of creating a glitch effect to trick the eye and give them a sense of movement, as if they were jumping to the music.


The image feels like a frame taken out from an 80s VHS video tape. The rest of the scene is completed by a warm summer sky in vibrant tones. This artwork gained a lot of attention in a very short amount of time back in 2016.

I feel particularly connected with surreal art, I also love sci-fi illustration, and 80’s vaporwave is a considerable part of my DNA.


Shorsh gets his inspiration from anything that he feels a connection with. Whether this is at art shows or museums, from discovering new places while travelling, or while laying on the beach with a good book.

While Shorsh was laying on the beach, looking at the sky, there were huge cumulonimbus over him. So, he decided to take some pictures of several different clouds. Back at the studio, he started juxtaposing them and playing around with their colors until he got to a beautiful image called Whisper.

I always try to fulfill my curiosity and follow it to where it takes me.


Shorsh is more methodical when working on a client brief, he starts by creating moodboards, collections of reference material. Then, he makes some pencil sketches to really get into it and sharpen the precision of his thoughts and ideas. Next, he jumps into C4D and creates a clay render, with no materials. Once that composition is approved by the client he moves forward to test materials and lights to export a final render, and if needed, some postproduction in Photoshop (stills) or After FX (animations).

With personal projects, he is more experimental and combines many things: pictures, 3D renders, textures. Sometimes he paints over his renders in Photoshop or Procreate, and these experiments are also a way to try things out and learn new techniques.

Currently Shorsh is working on a way to share more of his knowledge and resources online. He wants to be able to share more of his tools and resources that he creates and uses in his daily workflow, as well as gathering a community around what he loves to do.