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Steve Wade

Steve Wade is a British artist based in Essex.

After studying art all through high school, college, and university Wade has earned a BTEC Art and Design, Foundation Art and design, and an Honours Degree in a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design. This level of education in art stems from being interested in art for as long as he can remember.

Wade had bad Verbal Dyspraxia when he was younger, and drawing was a great way to express what they were thinking or feeling. By using art as a method of communication Wade was not only able to express himself, but also just enjoy creating things.

Everything inspires me from the shape of a shadow, to an interesting texture found whilst out, to different colours in nature.

Steve Wade

While Wade doesn’t necessarily follow the trends in art, he loves experimenting and developing his own style and is interested in what colors are in fashion over time. Nature is a major inspiration for Wade, who takes motivation from natural shapes and the awe that is found in the natural world. Wade uses mountains in almost all of his artworks, and says that anywhere with mountains is inspirational!

When talking about his 'Sun Cliffs' illustration.

Wade brings up that he was surprised by the reception, and is quite proud of it – “It was just an experiment that I thought would not come to much. But it has been one of my most popular designs”

Wade has a few methods of creation - sometimes beginning with a drawn image on paper, which is then scanned into photoshop and then played with digitally or sketching the idea on his Surface Book and playing around with the colors and textures until the image feels right.

One of Wade's designs, "The Relaxing Bear” found its perfect textures by accident, he selected the wrong brush in Photoshop! The finished design has an amazing autumnal feel thanks to this complete accident – proving that sometimes playing around with your art just to see what happens is a great idea!

Instead of looking at tutorials and how to's most of the time. Half the fun is working out how to do things yourself :)

Steve Wade

Steve is currently working on a seascape album cover, as well as a series of  space illustrations which are based off one of his most popular recent designs!