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Tanya Shatseva


St. Petersburg, Russia

Based in St Petersburg, Russia, Tanya Shatseva is a self-taught artist and has been creating art since before she can remember. Beginning to pursue art professionally in 2010, Shatseva’s style is influenced by surrealistic figurative paintings and sculptures.

Tanya Shatseva’s work will challenge your expectations. Let the universe reveal itself to you.

Looking at her work, the viewer is drawn in by her impeccable use of sharp realistic rendering within a broader surreal image. Shatseva manages to create images which are eerie, delicate, and confronting all at the same time. This is somewhat achieved by the use of dainty femininity in stereotypically uncomfortable scenarios.

Working full time as a self taught artist since 2010, she is exploring statue as well as continuing with her traditional painting.

Inspired by her own mind, Shatseva is currently working on several new pieces and studying sculpture. The Russian artist manages to grab these snapshots into the lives of the subjects she imagines. You feel as if you are only seeing part of their life, that these imaginary subjects have whole lives and stories before and after the moment we have been permitted to see.

One of my most popular works - 'Black Hole in The Milky Way' - was planned as a witch eating eyeballs from her fingers, the cosmic idea appeared spontaneously while preparing the final sketch.

Tanya Shatseva

Tanya Shatseva enjoys well-deserved and wide-spread acclaim, and we are so proud to collaborate with such a wonderful artist.

The use of color is so deliberate, even when the color is psychedelic it is somehow muted which gives the whole artwork a vintage magick aesthetic. This is a remarkable thing to balance. Describing her surreal art as a “merging of demonic and pure, scientific and mythological” Shatseva explores the human mind, existentialism, love. Her works challenge the viewer to look beyond what you expect to see.