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Visual Potions

Nathalie Huijbers

Visual Potions is an artist from the Netherlands, currently living in a town around an hour away from Amsterdam.

Although she started making creative things very young, it was in her second year at college that she discovered that she had a big passion for collage art and photo manipulation.

The fascination with collages - photo manipulation and moving visuals - started in 2015/16 with her second year at college. Starting to experiment with different mediums and elements which she used to create handmade collages.

In February 2019 Visual Potions started experimenting with collages and visuals in Adobe Photoshop, which she also decided to post and share on her Instagram. Starting out with no idea how people would react to her creations she never imagined it could grow into a daily job as it is now. At that time she was still working a 40 hour per week office job as a creative designer.

In that type of job Visual Potions felt that they couldn't use their creativity to its maximum potential there and at some point the job really started to be a draining experience. During the evening straight after dinner she would start creating. This drive to find calm, inner peace, and happiness in her ‘off hours’ made her realize a lot of important things.

Things like thinking about what I really want to do in my life... Now I don't work as a creative designer at the office anymore and I can fully focus on myself and my creations.

Visual Potions

Inspired by nature, space, traveling, music, clouds, the night, the sky, flowers and so many more things.Visual Potions believes that the most inspirational place in the world to her is created in her own mind. But if she had to choose an existing place then it would be the little villages she would visit with her grandparents to pluck cherries and plums at the orchards.

The beauty and tranquility of the grasslands, the blossom trees and nature truly inspired me, even as a child already.

Visual Potions

The creative process usually starts with going for a walk with mhery dog, being outside and surrounded by nature. Then she gets her favorite tea, puts on music and starts creating. Using Adobe Photoshop primarily, and either using her own images or from royalty free sources, and always trying to create a surreal, ethereal, and trippy world into the existing world.

I think ''Inner Tranquility'' in particular means a lot to me. It has a certain emotion attached to it, almost indescribable, which can have a different meaning for everyone.

Visual Potions

Visual Potions is currently working on getting more into moving visuals and how to manipulate them in the same way as she manipulates still images. She is also doing custom work for clients and has started selling her own merchandise not too long ago.

I just create what feels right for me at the specific moment. Anything dreamy, ethereal, trippy and surrealistic attracts me.

Visual Potions