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This is the first sculpture made by Ecstase, called Duality. A true work of art, Duality is made from magnesium alloy, a mirror, and an aluminum base. This artwork is only available at Ecstase, making the 250 pieces the only ones in the world. Each piece in this limited special series is carefully finished by hand, the base is engraved with the name of the artwork and a serial number. The sculpture weighs 1.7 kilos (3.75lbs) and comes in a limited edition of 250.

The sculpture Duality speaks to the dual nature of being human. Looking at the sculpture from different angles we see a different picture, and a different story, making it almost two artworks in one. Humanity seeks to conquer the universe, while also trying to reconnect with nature here at home. Stuck between dreams and reality, the half-human, half astronaut sculpture represents both who we are and who we want to be. Duality is both your potential and who you truly are.

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  • Sizing

    The sculpture is 26 cm (10.2“) tall, 8 cm (3.1“) wide and 8 cm (3.1“) deep. It weighs 1.7 kg (3.75 lbs).

  • Product details

    The sculpture is made from magnesium alloy and the base is made out of aluminium. The separating part is made from a mirror. The base is engraved with the name of the statue as well as its serial number.

  • Shipping

    Please allow 6-9 business days for your order to arrive

    Why so long?

    Because a limited edition sculpture is worth the wait? Yes. But also because the environmental impact of worldwide shipping is enormous. Our customers are pretty equally distributed worldwide and ideally we would have a distribution centre on each continent. However, that would mean shipping the artworks twice. From the factory to the warehouse, and from the warehouse to the customer, resulting in higher CO2 emissions. Instead, we choose on-demand creation of artworks to minimise waste, and shipping to customers directly from the Ecstase factory to minimise our carbon footprint.

A true work of art

Made from magnesium alloy and weighing almost 2 kg (4 lbs), Duality is a statement artwork. The delicate finish and details make the sculpture an incredible piece of art, of which there are only 250 in the world.

Inside the making of

The sculpture has been developed by Ecstase in multiple stages to ensure this artwork speaks its truth, and is as close to perfect as we can achieve here on earth. The final product combines form and matter to express the initial artistic intent and makes for a unique statement piece.

Imaginative design

The imaginative design is furthered by the packaging. The dual nature of the sculpture is represented and reflected in the double sided box, which when opened reveals the different sides of Duality

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