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30x40cm (12x16")
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This is The Classic, a series that is designed as an elegant way to add a high-end touch to your space.

Each of the artworks has been digitally printed and silk screen printed by hand on art-grade paper, then painted by hand and is delivered professionally framed to ensure the longevity of the artwork.

The Classic is made up of a wooden frame, a passe-partout, and glass.

You can install it as soon as it is delivered as the artwork comes ready to be hung on your wall.

Part of the Ecstase Originals collection, a limited run of 25. This artwork has been created in collaboration with Andreea Dumuta and is available only at Ecstase, making the 25 pieces the only ones in the world. Each artwork contains a signed certificate of authenticity that guarantees its originality.

This stunning piece uses vibrant color and deep shadows to emphasize the exquisite detail of the artwork.

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  • Sizing

    Each artwork is made available in only one size: 30x40cm (11.8"x15.7"), together with the frame it is 44x54cm (17.3"x21.2"). The depth of the frame is 3cm(1.2").

  • Product details
    Print material: 320gsm Acid-free paper
    Print ink: Acrylic paint and/or 12-colour digital, archival ink and/or glitter
    Frame material: Pine wood and non-reflective plexiglass
  • Shipping

    Please allow 9-12 days for your order to arrive

    Why so long?

    Because a limited edition artwork is worth waiting for? Yes. But also because the environmental impact of worldwide shipping is enormous. Our customers are pretty equally distributed worldwide and ideally we would have a distribution centre on each continent. However, that would mean shipping the artworks twice. From the factory to the warehouse, and from the warehouse to the customer, resulting in higher CO2 emissions. Instead, we choose on-demand creation of artworks to minimise waste, and shipping to customers directly from the Ecstase factory to minimise our carbon footprint.

Limited editions

Each artwork is enhanced by hand, making each piece from the edition unique.

Every detail matters

We work with artists to make sure the enhancements - whether silkscreen, diamond dust or painting - compliment the work. Because each of these techniques are done by hand, these prints are distinguished from any other.

Framed to perfection

Each artwork arrives already professionally framed, which ensures preservation of the enhancements and the longevity of the whole artwork.

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