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30x40cm (12x16")
50x66.5cm (20x26")
70x93.5cm (28x37")
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This limited edition release is printed in bright, vivid colors on a thick piece of woven canvas. Each print contains a serial number guaranteeing its originality. Curated by Walltones in a collaboration with Zach Doehler for a limited edition of 100.

"On the day that I took this photograph, we had just received a heavy snowfall the night before. The whole city and surrounding areas were covered with at least six inches of snow, it was beautiful. The weather also turned out nice that day. Since it was the weekend, I had time off and naturally wanted to go shoot. I met up with friends and we decided to head up one of the local mountains.
As I was driving up this plowed paved road, I grazed just a bit of powder that was on the side and it pulled my car into a steep ditch. Were it not for the tree that caught me, I would have rolled the car and likely totaled it. Thankfully, I was alright and managed to exit the car safely after it had come to a halt. After a few hours, two large tow trucks came by and managed to pull my car out of this steep ditch. Despite the few dents and the fact, my car was on a nearly 45-degree angle for a few hours, I managed to turn it on once it was back on the pavement.
After coming home, with no photos, I figured I wouldn’t go out any more that day after what had happened. But I noticed the skies were gradually starting to light up for sunset, and I just couldn’t resist capturing a sunset in a snowy landscape. So, I went and hopped in my dented car and drove down the road. I ended up capturing this photograph of a road leading off into the sunset, that later became one of my most popular images to date. That sunset ended up being quite the silver lining to what seemed like a failed day." - Zach Doehler

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  • Sizing

    Each artwork is made available in three sizes: 30x40cm (12x16"), 50x66.5cm (20x26") and 70x93.5cm (28x37"). This means that the limited edition is split up into three sizes, and the individual sizes are even more limited.

  • Product details
    Print material: 200gsm canvas
    Print ink: 12-colour digital, archival ink
    Print finish: Matte (Walltones) or Glossy (Silver Canvas)
    Frame material: Marupa wood, neodynium magnets
    Frame finish: Semi-gloss
  • Shipping

    Please allow 9-12 days for your order to arrive

    Why so long?

    Because a limited edition artwork is worth waiting for? Yes. But also because the environmental impact of worldwide shipping is enormous. Our customers are pretty equally distributed worldwide and ideally we would have a distribution centre on each continent. However, that would mean shipping the artworks twice. From the factory to the warehouse, and from the warehouse to the customer, resulting in higher CO2 emissions. Instead, we choose on-demand creation of artworks to minimise waste, and shipping to customers directly from the Ecstase factory to minimise our carbon footprint.

A true work of art

Printed on 200gsm polyester canvas, using 12-colour digital print and archival ink, this artwork pops. A matte finish on the regular Walltone makes for great contrast in all lighting situations. The Silver canvas version has a glossy effect, that reinvigorates the artworks specifically chosen for it. The frame is made from Marupa wood, and set with neodynium magnets on the inside.

Easy to install

With a combination of stickers and magnetic frame parts, this piece is on your wall on no-time. No need to drill (unless you want to), and everything you need is included.

Painted work?

If you choose one of our painted works, you're in for something really special. Our artists touch up the already great prints with a layer of hand-painted accents.

In the box

You'll receive everything you need to hang this amazing artwork. Using the included foam stickers the artwork can be secured to your wall safely.

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