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Planet Head
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This is our Knitworks product, it is designed and manufactured by Ecstase. Knitworks are our special high-end range of art products. Each Knitwork comes with a set of beautiful matte black anodized aluminum frames, and a soft canvas that is stretched over the frame's edges to give a distinguishing 'infinity' look. A Knitwork will truly set your space on fire, there is just nothing as rich and clean looking out there right now. Each artwork contains a signed certificate of authenticity that guarantees its originality. Curated by Ecstase in a collaboration with Liam Pannier for a limited edition of 50.

A surrealist pieceĀ boastingĀ detailĀ and high contrasting light, the use of negative space enhances the visual balance of the subject.Ā 

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  • Sizing

    Each artwork is made available in three sizes: 30x40cm (12x16"), 45x60cm (18x24") and 60x80cm (24x32"). This means that the limited edition is split up into three sizes, and the individual sizes are even more limited. The depth of each Knitwork is 2.8cm(1.1").

  • Product details
    Print material: 400gsm knit fabric
    Print ink: dye sublimation print
    Print finish: Matte
    Frame material: Minimal aluminum stretch frame
    Frame finish: Matte black anodized aluminum
  • Shipping

    Please allow 9-12 days for your order to arrive

    Why so long?

    Because a limited edition artwork is worth waiting for? Yes. But also because the environmental impact of worldwide shipping is enormous. Our customers are pretty equally distributed worldwide and ideally we would have a distribution centre on each continent. However, that would mean shipping the artworks twice. From the factory to the warehouse, and from the warehouse to the customer, resulting in higher CO2 emissions. Instead, we choose on-demand creation of artworks to minimise waste, and shipping to customers directly from the Ecstase factory to minimise our carbon footprint.

Easy to install

The frame assembles with ease, and using the included adhesive strips, you can stick the artwork to your wall in seconds.

Vibrance is key

We use the best fabric and color dye to make sure the color representation is absolutely perfect. A matte finish makes the black truly black, and paint is not printed onto, but into the fibers, making the colors never fade.

In the box

You'll receive everything you need to hang this amazing artwork. Using the included foam stickers the artwork can be secured to your wall safely.

Limited editions

All of our Knitworks are limited editions, meaning we make only the amounts listed on the website, and never more. We don't do re-runs, so once an artwork sells out, it's gone forever.

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